CIM Foundation Certificate in Marketing

Lay firm foundations for a career in marketing

The CIM Foundation Certificate in Marketing is an entry-level qualification that provides a firm foundation of knowledge of the principals of the marketing and communications. It is flexible, practical, ideal people of all ages and can be completed in just 6 months.

During your studies you will learn:

  • The basics of marketing 
  • The Importance and function of marketing
  • What it means to be a marketing focused organisation
  • How to gain insight into how to communicate with your customers
  • The core aspects of digital marketing

The foundation certificate requires you to complete 2 modules: one mandatory and one elective module. The elective module you choose depends on whether you want to specialise in Customer Communications or Digital Essentials.

Individual modules are also offered as standalone “Bite-size” awards. This means that achieve an award for each module, add that to your CV then add a second, or third when time permits.

At a glance

Duration: 6 months
Elements: 2 modules
Assessment: 1 exam & 1 assignment
Tuition Fee Full Qualification: £500
Tuition Fee Bitesize: £250
CIM Fees: membership £60 pa
CIM Assessment Entry: £105 per module/award

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Marketing Principals

Marketing’s role , and how organisations use an established and effective strategy (the ‘marketing mix’) to satisfy customer needs and promote their brand and products in the marketplace.

Customer Communications

How a marketing communications plan can be employed to engage with a diverse range of clients and customers. Perfect for those focusing on customer experience and relationship management roles.

Digital Essentials

Lifting the lid on digital marketing, this module explores the role of digital marketing management, how it enhances customer reach and engagement and introduces the essential tools and techniques.

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