CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing

One the worlds most prestigious digital qualifications

If you are seeking a qualification that will enable you to work at a more strategic level and would like to move up the ladder in your career then the CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing is ideal for you. This qualification can be studied in 10 months and will provide you with insight into how organisations can implement digital marketing capabilities into strategic marketing planning.

During your studies you will learn how to:

  • Understand the impact of digital disruption on the market, your industry and customers.
  • Review the effectiveness of digital marketing for a business
  • Recognise how digital marketing mixes enable organisations to respond with agility
  • Set goals and define a vision for how integrating digital technologies you’re your organisations goals
  • Develop strategic recommendations to grow your organisation
  • Create a budget and integrated communications plan to implement the strategy
  • Define approaches to testing and optimising digital marketing
  • Apply key digital measures at a strategic, operational and tactical level
  • Design digital marketing dashboards to monitor, measure and manage communications plans

This diploma requires you to complete 3 mandatory modules.  Individual modules are also offered as standalone “Bitesize” awards. This means that achieve an award for each module, add that to your CV then add a second, or third when time permits.

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Full Qualification at a glance

Duration: 12 months
Elements: 3 modules
Assessment: 3 x Assignments
Tuition Fee: Full Qualification £1,350 
Tuition Fee Bitesize: £450
CIM Membership: £60 pa
CIM Assessment Entry: £185 per module/award

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Driving Digital Experience

This module provides insights into the digital customer experience and highlights how you can adapt to this changing market.

Digital Strategy

Provides insight into how organisations can implement a digital marketing strategy and build these capabilities into the overall strategic plan.

Mastering Digital Channels

This will enable you to drive strategic comprehension for management and growth of digital channels, as well as critical factors concerning compliance.

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