CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing

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Throughout the world demand for qualified marketers is on the increase so if you are an ambitious marketer with no previous marketing qualification and would like to move up the ladder then this qualification is ideal for you and can be completed in just 12 months. It will equip with the knowledge and skills to research, plan, manage and measure marketing using marketing models, frameworks and best practice.

During your studies you will learn how to:

  • Understand the role and function of marketing.
  • What influences the behaviours of your customers.
  • Apply marketing frameworks and theory.
  • Identify options for gathering relevant marketing information.
  • Analyse trends in the marketing environment and how they affect marketing planning.
  • Apply and adapt the marketing mix to satisfy customer needs.
  • Use integrated marketing communications to communicate with customers.
  • Monitor and measure campaigns

The Certificate in Professional Marketing requires you to complete 3 modules: 2 mandatory modules and one elective module.

Bite-size Awards

Each module can be achieved as a distinct, self-contained L6 award which can be built up to attain the full diploma. This means that achieve an award for each module, add that to your CV then add a second, or third when time permits.

At a glance

Duration: 12 months
Elements: 3 modules
Assessment: 1 exam & 2 assignments
Tuition Fee Full Qualification: £900
Tuition Fee Bitesize: £300
CIM Fees: membership £60 pa
CIM Assessment Entry: £145 per module/award

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The role and function of marketing in some depth, as well as what influences the behaviour of your customers. You will be able to apply and adapt a marketing mix to satisfy customer needs.

Integrated Communications

The many different ways of communicating with customers, both inside and outside the organisation.

Digital Marketing

How to apply practical knowledge, including the effective use of a digital marketing toolkit.

Customer Experience

Understand all aspects of your customers’ experience so that you can ensure you deliver expectations in a consistent way. Monitor and measure their satisfaction so that you can make appropriate improvements as necessary.

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